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ROC Sports Network introduces new

Sports Broadcasting Academy!

Our inaugural class, set to begin in August of 2020, will provide exciting new opportunities for high school juniors and seniors who are interested in pursuing a career in broadcast journalism.  Our academy will give students hands-on training and experience in all aspects of the industry including play-by-play announcing, podcasting, camera operation, editing, game production, directing, sales, graphics, writing, photography, marketing and more under the direction from some of the finest sports journalism mentors in the area.

To be able to get into a prestigious college and ultimately a great job in the industry you will need hands-on experience and a portfolio of your work. We can help provide you with that! 

With your complete dedication throughout the training, you will learn how to produce a game broadcast from start to finish. If you're looking test your knowledge and skills in announcing, you will gain experience broadcasting a game at your school or host your own sports podcast!

If your talents are behind the camera, we will teach you how to produce and direct a game, podcast or show, run a camera, learn how to edit video, produce on-screen graphics and set up live streaming digital productions on YouTube and Facebook.

If your career goal is to work in sports marketing or management, our experienced mentors will share their experience and knowledge in sports marketing and ad sales along with commercial production, writing and editing. Sports productions are made possible with the support of sponsors and advertisers, so this aspect of the academy will show the importance of working as a team, coming together to produce an exciting, professional looking and sounding sports broadcast.

If you are a junior or senior in the 2020-21 school year and would like to be considered for acceptance into our inaugural class beginning in August 2020, please email us and tell us about your love of sports, college and career ambitions. Tell us why a career in sports journalism is your goal and where you feel that your interest and talents are best suited in the industry (Ex: play-by-play, camera operator, editor, graphics, marketing etc.)

Email us at ASAP for consideration.

Thank You!


  • Free tuition for dedicated students
  • Learn play-by-play announcing
  • Broadcast games at your school!
  • Training by experienced mentors from the NHL, AHL, MLB, NFL, MILB, NFHS Network, CBS, ACC Network, 
  • Field trips to professional games
  • Host your own sports podcast!
  • Learn how to live stream a game on YouTube and Facebook.
  • Learn how to broadcast football, hockey, soccer, basketball and more!
  • Learn how to operate some of the newest equipment in the industry.
  • Get experience in broadcasting for a national high school sports network.
  • Develop a portfolio of your work for consideration when applying for colleges or a career.
  • Earn letters of recommendation from seasoned professionals in the industry.
  • Possibly earn school credit.
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